Dizzmizz that mizz

Dizzmizzio lamentoso of a tired manager:

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Dizzmizz that mizz

(Refrain) Dizzmizz that mizz, dizzmizz that mizz.

No money, no honey. My mizz-management, so sorry.
They’re all so lazy, I work hard, so hard.
Their wages so high, mine only twice.
Mizz-management, it killzz, not them,
my menacement, it killzz, but one.
Nasty management, I fikzz, my do-do-duty!


Dizzmizz the mizz, dizzmizz the mizz.
I am nasty, very nasty, am nasty.
It’s so hard, I am so smart, I am not smart.
I am suffering, suf-suf-suf-suffering,
emotionally hard-hard-hard! I am not soft.
My job, so tough-tough-tough! I am so tough.


I am the bully, you’re the bully, we’re the bully,
no-no-no Í am the bully, you’re the foolly,
she’s the foolly, dizzmizz that mizz!
It’s so hard to dismiss people,
my job’s tough, I am so tough, not so tough:
I must cry, the killer cries, nobody luuuuvvvves me,


I love it, I love it, I surely luuuvvve it,
to destroy their lives, my do-do-duty.
See how they creep, for me-me-me.
They cry, I cry, hard rain, they fall,
mizz-Mensch-ment, mizzdizz thizz mizz.
Next one please: you.


Paul Burrhill/London, September 11, 2019.

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